The name “Gaia Passage” originally came from my pre-Internet travel tips newsletter. Currently this GaiaPassage.com website is a work in progress. It consists largely of personal notes for a book on green travel around the world, compiled from a variety of sources over a six month period in 2005, while staying on the Big Island of Hawaii. In the evolution of a website, especially large projects, it’s always important to first have the “containers” in place as “placeholders”, which is no small task in itself. Basically with circa 250x “countries” and territorial entities, that’s a whole year’s fulltime work for one man, revising one country per working day.

The general idea is to write a “white paper” for every country in the world, on environmental and cultural conditions, issues, and who is doing what about them, as well as examining both how they effect tourism and how tourism effects those issues. Anyone could write a lot about something, but the idea here is to provide “snapshots”, or “bite sized” summaries of only the best information and contacts – with the one overriding desire not to be superficial…. Please send any and all suggestions and updates from the feedback form on every country page. I encourage you to support this project by buying my audiobooks, From the Balkans to the Baltics and Vagabond Globetrotting 3. Additionally, Vagabond Globetrotting 3, my detailed how-to book, is available in a print version.

Marcus L Endicott, Editor-in-Chief

It should be noted that visas for tourism (tourist visas) technically do not allow for political activity, such as environmental or social activism per se (see NGO ‘Foreign Agents’ Law Comes into Force in Russia).


Draft Mission Statement

The long term goals of the Gaia Passage project are:

1) To objectively identify and boycott (tourism boycott) all localities (local government) worldwide involved with significant arms production, beginning with small arms production.

2) To architect a World Tourism Stabilization Treaty, such that governments involved with social or environmental violence (primarily acts of war), adversely impacting the economic sustainability of international tourism, would be subject to predetermined sanctions.


Sponsorship and support are needed, not only for the long term Gaia Passage project, but also the short term technical upgrading of this website. Ideas and proposals welcomed.