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... Osun State, advocated tree planting to save the continent from the possible negative effect of climate change. The participating countries at the forum include The Gambia, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Niger, Benin Republic, Chad, Senegal, Kenya, Tanzania, Guinea Bissau, Cameroon, Liberia, Togo, Congo, ...
Cameroon: Climate change downs banana exports. Published on 08.05.2018 at 10h16 by Journal du Cameroun. Share ...
The Senior lecturer at the department of Arts and Archeology, University of Yaounde I says such a discovery is beneficial to the local population, scientists and Cameroon ... The socio-economic atvantages of local tourism developed after the discovery of the iron ore smelting quarries are manifold.
Arrey Ivo Mbongaya is the founder of the African Centre for Community and Development (ACCD) which works in diverse areas of sustainable development including conservation, environment, eco-tourism, agriculture in Cameroon. He speaks generally to ADAM ALQALI about his ACCD's work
Cameroon: Improvement of Garoua's urban road network ... Another major project is the construction of a Manège in Garoua by the Ministry of Tourism and Recreation. The city council last Friday was invited to deliberate on the urgency of finding a site for the construction of this recreation space for ...
Cameroon: Improvement of Garoua's urban road network ... Another major project is the construction of a Manège in Garoua by the Ministry of Tourism and Recreation. (Image Credit: Wikipedia). Long awaited, it is finally in May that the work of regional C2D capital projects will begin in Garoua.
... industries, tourism, scientific research, tourism, national and foreign trade. The committee is chaired by Senator Boubakari Ousmanou of the NSFC.
During their open day activities in Limbe, the NEF graduated 31 fresh work seekers trained in such fields as Catering, Fiscal Advisers, Tourism Agent ...
New Bucyrus Tourism director hopes to continue progress ... We did it with a Cameroonian hiking group and that was the first time I started thinking ...
The adventure cyclist said they both discovered the huge tourism potentials of Cameroon and are considering coming back with their families for ...
For two days inhabitants of Yaounde and its environs watched with ... In Valse Viennois, Bindzi Joseph Baudouin from the Ministry of Tourism finished ...