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How To Get Added

The easiest way to get added to this site is to simply send suggestions via the feedback form above. Removal may be requested in the same way.

This site is handwritten based on automated research and automated outline. Primary research is based on datamining 20 years of Green Travel archives. Secondary research is based on multiple years of Meta Guide Twitter bots archives. Significance is based on primary sources in the form of root website domains, and/or secondary sources in the form of Wikipedia entries. In other words, if there is not a root website domain name or a Wikipedia entry then it is unlikely to appear here. However, almost anything may be included in Wikipedia – if properly referenced.

Many websites of smaller concerns have been going down, due to the economic downturn. However, social media such as blogs, Facebook and Twitter present affordable alternatives to owning root domain websites, and these will be taken into consideration whenever appropriate. (In other words, if something is really cool.) A lot of people are using Weebly and Wix to make free websites.

Note, commercial websites (businesses) with a genuinely informative, even personalized, “About” section and/or “Contact” section with physical (street) address are MUCH more likely to be taken into serious consideration. In order to inspire confidence in product or service, people want to know who you are, why you are doing what you do, and where you are – in other words the human backstory. (The era of corporate anonymity is finished – people just don’t buy it anymore.) WAY too many websites do not even include the country they are in, much less prominently (like in their homepage title, or front and center on the homepage). The ‘where’ becomes less of an issue when using a domain name within your country code top-level domain. A messed up or problematic website may be taken as a sign of a potentially messed up or problematic company. A website showing a copyright more than ten years out of date may be considered outdated.


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