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Speaker Says Climate Change is National Security Concern
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Watch! Last interview with Taleb Rifai as UNWTO Secretary General includes a wish for tourism
Turkish tourism will see full recovery in 2018: Culture Minister Kurtulmuş
Hurriyet: Turkish tourism will see full recovery in 2018: Culture Minister Kurtulmuş
Lebanese singer Ghada Shbeir, Syrian diva Rasha Rizk to enthral Sharjah
6 incredible tourist destinations that were endangered by war in 2017
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5 Mexican states get highest US 'do not travel' warning
US 'do not travel' advisory puts five Mexican states on same level as Syria
Over a Million Tourists Visited Syria Last Year
Myanmar Tourism highlights utter Western media bias compared with Regional Fairness: Isolation?
Mexico's worst places to travel, according to the State Department
Rebuilding Aleppo is a Topmost Priority – Syrian Minister of Tourism
Five Mexican states get Unite States 'do not travel' warning
US slaps highest-level 'do not travel' warning on five Mexican states
Five Mexican states are now considered as unsafe for travel as Iraq, Syria, and Yemen
The State Department Says These 5 Mexican States Are As Dangerous As Syria, Yemen
US: 5 Mexican States Now as Dangerous as Syria for Visitors
5 states in Mexico get highest "do not travel" warning under new US State Department system
US Issues Highest Travel Warning for These 5 Mexican States
Venezuela's economy is collapsing and violence is rampant. Its solution: woo tourists.
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Egypt to participate in Spain's International Tourism Trade Fair this Wednesday
Washington Post Finally Admits Socialism Led to Venezuela's 3000% Inflation
Country's bold plan to get out of economic chaos
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Talented children from Syria explore education opportunities in Belarus
In northern Jordan, a community-based tourism project wakes the sleepy village of Umm Qais
'Syria is SAFE for tourists' Shock as ambassador urges Europeans to visit war-torn state
Assad regime promotes Syria as a 'tourist' destination
Assad regime promotes Syria as a 'tourist' destination
Assad Regime Touts Syria as Attractive Destination at Tourism Fair Despite Bloody Civil War
Civil rights tourism in the Deep South
Syria Promotes Tourism, Despite Devastation of Civil War
Syria promotes tourism, despite devastation of civil war
Assad Regime Promotes Syria's Ruins In Aleppo As 'Tourist' Destination
Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham JBR appoints new F&B manager
Aleppo Returns to the News: Syria Markets War-Tourism
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Never mind the rubble and stench of death, Assad regime promotes Syria as a 'tourist' destination
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UPDATE 1-Turkey's 2017 tourism revenues jump as Russians return
Dobrich: Tourism had strongest demand for workers in 2017
Turkish court jails three for life over bombing of German tourists
A Glimpse of the Beautiful Side of Syria
Turkey tourism revenues jump as Russians return
Turkish court jails three for life over bombing of German tourists
Turkish court jails three for life over bombing of German tourists
Turkish court jails three for life over bombing of Germans
Turkey tourism revenues jump as Russians return
The Latest: Syria denies US allegations on chemical weapons
Low-cost carrier Ryanair begins first flights to Jordan
Ryanair grows in Middle East with new Jordan flights
Tourism minister announces 14 new airline routes to Jordan
Feature: Turkish ancient city plays more role in reviving tourism
Turkish ancient city of Troy plays more role in reviving tourism
Balance of payments records small deficit
It is time to awaken the domestic tourism giant
China to play big role in post-war Syria
'Turkey's Syria operation won't narrow fiscal options'
Syrians stifled by Lebanon's new entry restrictions
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US Fails to Keep Pace With Global Tourism Boom
America missing out on tourism boom
Jordan's stability and economic development
Turkish minister to talk Syria with Russia's Lavrov
Turkish FM Çavuşoğlu visits Russia to talk Syria in Joint Strategic Planning Group
Turkey to hold talks with Russia on Syria
Syria: Chemical weapons workshop found in liberated-Ghouta
Hurriyet: Turkish FM Çavuşoğlu visits Russia to talk Syria in Joint Strategic Planning Group
How refugees are conserving Iraq and Syria's extraordinary monumental heritage
Egypt, Jordan discuss establishing logistic center for Syria, Iraq recons.
Suspension of Turkish soaps is a blow to Erdogan and his neo-Ottomanism
Turkey aims to host over 38 million tourists in 2018
Foreign ministers set stage for Putin-Erdogan meeting in April
Turkey's southeastern Gaziantep to sustain central role in region after Syrian war ends
Saudi tourists beat the 'Trump slump'
Ghouta was once Syria's bread basket
Junction of cultures, Turkey's Hatay an attraction for European, Asian tourists
Syrian Deputy PM hails HM the Sultan's efforts to restore Syria's stability
Weekly Meetings
Muallem appreciates sultanate's efforts to restore stability in Syria
Superjumbo flight to Lebanon brings hope of tourism revival
Superjumbo's first revenue flight to Lebanon lands in Beirut
Syrian town expects US to fend off Turkey's threat of attack
Violence in Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Los Cabos threatens Mexico's tourism industry
See the Travel Ban Through Our Eyes: Women from Libya, Syria, Yemen, and More Speak Out
Erdogan, Putin to discuss economy ahead of Syria summit
Turkey and Russia: repairing ruptured ties
Turkey and Russia: repairing ruptured ties
The Latest: US says its military mission in Syria nears end
Iran-Russia strategic cooperation serves regional, global stability, Rouhani tells Putin
“Iran-Turkey-Russia Cooperation Bearing Fruit in Syria
Fake News Tourism in Syria: Westerners Search for 'Truth,' But Are They Assad's Pawns?
Turkey, Russia and Iran urge 'lasting cease-fire' in Syria
Syria, Iran nuclear deal on agenda as Saudi crown prince arrives in Paris
Iran applauds its 'very close' relationship with Russia
Scandinavian tourism boards join biggest Riyadh Travel Fair
France's Macron and Saudi Prince Discuss Response to Syria
France's Macron and Saudi prince discuss response to Syria
An Attack Syria Did Not Do
Turkey's ever-closer ties with Russia leave US lacking key ally on Syria
Wall Street Slips on Rising US-Russia Tensions Over Syria
France's Macron holds talks with Saudi crown prince in Paris
An Attack Syria Did Not Do
France's Prez Emmanuel Macron and Saudi prince discuss response to Syria
'Wise' Sisi achieved security in Egypt: Kazakh ambassador
Pro-opposition Syrians in Turkey grapple with losing the war
Wall Street slips on rising US-Russia tensions over Syria
US STOCKS-Wall St slips on rising US-Russia tensions over Syria
Escalating tensions in Syria lifted oil prices by over 2 percent to their highest in more than three years. Among stocks, Hilton Worldwide jumped 4 percent after the hotel operator's main shareholder HNA Tourism Group decided to sell its stake in the company. Facebook Inc shares slipped as Chief ...
When the American military is finished spending money and looking around, they'll go home. Because that's what tourists do, military or otherwise. They visit foreign lands, and then they go home. In Iraq and Afghanistan and Syria, just like they did in Vietnam almost 50 years ago, they leave the locals ...
Isagaliev praised Egypt's achievements in different fields, saying that Egypt had focused on tourism the most as a source of income, beside other huge ... Concerning Syria peace talks in Astana, Isagaliev said during the interview that Kazakhstan calls for ceasefire in Syria, adding that the diplomatic ...
But help from a key regional ally – Turkey – is less certain, despite its position on Syria's northern border and opposition to Bashar al-Assad's regime, writes The ... Since then, bilateral cooperation on nuclear power, energy pipelines from Russia to Turkey and Europe, tourism, investment, arms sales and ...
Scores of tourists are attracted to this mesmerising spectacle purely for the photo opportunity, writes Frieschland. However, she also highlights the dangers of mass tourism at the site as it was never prepared for the same. Accidents occur frequently, leaving several people injured. For instance, on 22 ...
Flights to Cyprus could be disrupted by the escalating crisis in Syria, an European air traffic control agency has warned, as the West prepares to launch air strikes on the Middle Eastern country. Eurocontrol has issued guidance to airlines operating services to the popular holiday island off the western ...
... stressing that the effect on the Egyptian tourism would remain limited, unless Moscow decided to resume direct flights to tourist destinations on the Red Sea. ... “Assad and his regime will be eliminated from the map and the world if the Iranians try to strike Israel or its interests from Syrian territories,” the ...
Ties between Turkey and the United States are strained over a long list of issues, but mainly Syria, where Ankara has moved closer to Russia due to Washington's backing ... "The developments in Syria led to the worldwide security crisis. ... There are serious indications that tourism will be good this year.
On Wednesday, Hainan Airlines Holding Co Ltd. canceled two flights from Beijing and Shanghai to Israel that were due to arrive in Ben Gurion Airport on Thursday, as well as a Thursday flight from Tel Aviv to Shanghai. The cancellation followed a warning issued Tuesday by the European air traffic ...
A Foreign Office spokesperson told Sun Online: "Travellers are advised to set up Travel Advice alerts for any country they might be concerned about on the advice page." In fact, Cyprus is considered the 36th safest country in the world according to the World Economic Forum (WEF) - who publish an ...
France's President Macron raised the stakes for war in Syria by claiming to have proof chemical weapons were used by the “regime” last weekend. .... The French are lined up for developing Saudi public infrastructure and utilities, water treatment, solar energy, petrochemicals, agriculture and tourism.
In the war of words over the past week, commercial flights in the vicinity of the island have been rerouted amid mounting anxiety over the impact of potential airstrikes. Fearful of the repercussions on tourism at a time when Nicosia is only just beginning to emerge from economic crisis, the foreign minister, ...
Donald Trump's erratic tweets regarding strikes – and when they will happen – are already impacting tourism, with tour operators weighing in after Europe's central aviation agency warned commercial airlines to exercise caution in the eastern Mediterranean. Officials in Cyprus, whose economy is highly ...
U.S. President Donald Trump has threatened to launch military strikes in response to Saturday's (April 7) alleged chemical weapons attack by Syrian government ... "If there is a major confrontation in this part of the world the last thing tourists would want to do is to enter, what they believe is a war zone."
As the threat of US-led strikes loom, Russia is understood to have been readying for a naval battle off the coast of Syria too. The UK's Foreign Office has not issued any advice about travel to Cyprus as a result of the planned missile attacks though – and is currently not expected to either. They simply ...
On Friday night, Trump said that strike operations were underway in response to an alleged attack in Douma, which Damascus and Moscow maintain was a false flag. Analysts are puzzled by the logic of Trump's decision to stand up against "Gas Animal Assad" by raining explosives on Syria and killing ...
The threat of a further escalation in fighting in Syria has already hit the Turkish economy hard. "The uncertainty in the region is affecting the Turkish lira, which is plummeting," said Idiz. "We are about to enter the tourism season," he noted. "If there is a major confrontation in this part of the world the last ...
While Damascus has not made any official statements on the total scale of the damages or casualties which resulted from the West's strikes yet, Syria's state-run SANA news agency reported that missile strikes carried out by the UK, France and Britain on a research center in Damascus had only caused ...
... District News Health Travel & Tourism Law and order Religion Obituaries Entertainment Technology Environment Innovation Sponsored Home National Trump orders strike on Syria in response to chemical attack Trump orders strike on Syria in response to chemical attack By Author / Saturday, 14 Apr ...
Europe's air traffic control agency – of which Israel is a member – issued a “rapid alert” on Wednesday, warning pilots of possible carrier-based cruise missiles or air-to-ground strikes into Syria. Pan-European air traffic control agency Eurocontrol added that missiles in the area could interfere and disrupt ...
THE POPULAR tourist destination of Turkey has seen a slump in visitor numbers after a number of attacks blighted the country throughout 2016 and into 2017. While those were a while ago now, the Syria situation means there are still concerns – so is it now safe for holidaymakers to travel to the country ...
A MISSILE alert warning was issued to pilots flying to and from Cyprus and other countries near war-torn Syria last week. Air traffic control chiefs warned airlines they may be caught in military strikes as tensions mount between the US and Russia – with the UK joining coalition strikes on the Assad ...
Brutal Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad's children go on holiday in disputed Crimean peninsula annexed by ally Russia ... The Foreign Office has advised against all travel to the region. ... EU sanctions include an import and investment ban and a prohibition on supplying tourism services in Crimea.
Sites near Damascus and Homs were hit on Saturday, in response to the alleged chemical attack on Douma on 7 April. Syria denies the attack happened and Russia, its key ally, has reacted angrily to the air strikes. Mrs May's expected to ask for an emergency debate following her statement to the ...
The Iraqi government is trying to turn it into a tourist site; it has solicited bids to repair and restore the palaces to make them a source of tourism income. Thus may begin the process of healing from that war, which is now marking 15 years since it broke out. In Syria, though, they are still counting the dead.
Cyprus was only made aware of this move after the strike, according to the government spokesman, Prodromos Prodromou, who said that British Prime Minister, Teresa May, called President Nicos Anastasiades to brief him on the military action in Syria and to reassure him that there was no question of ...
The recent airstrikes on Syria by a joint coalition of USA, UK and France will further aggravate the situation and lead to more turbulence in a region beset with instability and chaos since more than 7 years. The prolonged and devastating crisis in Syria has reached yet another stage of uncertainty and ...
UK media reports about 'terrified Britons' ready to 'flee Cyprus' in the run-up and immediate aftermath of air strikes on Syrian government targets from the RAF base at Akrotiri early Saturday were described as scaremongering by officials on Monday. British tabloids spoke to a number of potential ...
A MISSILE alert warning was issued to pilots flying to and from Cyprus and other countries near Syria last week. Air traffic control chiefs warned airlines they may be caught in military strikes as tensions mount between the US and Russia – with the UK joining coalition strikes on the Assad regime.
AMMAN (Reuters) - Syrian anti-aircraft defenses shot down missiles that hit the Syrian air base of Shayrat in Homs province late Monday night, Syrian state television said. State television showed pictures of a missile that was shot in the air above the air base only days after a U.S., British and French ...
Russia says international chemical weapons experts will be allowed to visit the site of a suspected chemical attack in Syria Wednesday. That would be about five days after the U.S., Britain and France struck Syrian government targets. Seth Doane, the only American network correspondent to view the ...
Less than a week after French President Emmanuel Macron boasted that Western intervention in Syria had “divided” Turkey and Syria, Turkish officials boasted on Tuesday of closer economic ties to China, urging greater investment and tourism from the Asian power. Though tensions between Russia ...
Israel released details on Tuesday about what it described as an Iranian "air force" deployed in neighboring Syria, including civilian planes suspected of .... interaction" with the Cuban people and — in principle at least — avoiding activities that could be considered tourism, which is illegal under U.S. law.
Cox and Hylton - like Kucinich - both visited Assad during the Syrian Civil War. Other speakers, according to a tweet from Kucinich, included Syrian Minister of Tourism Bishr Yazigi and Ali Haider, the Syrian minister for national reconciliation who is under U.S. sanctions. Kucinich has largely dodged ...
"Eradicating terrorism, putting an end to war in Syria and creating regional security are among the main objectives of Iran, Turkey and Russian Federation". "I say, why you are only looking at chemical weapons? Tourism is among the important sectors for development of the country's economy", Erdogan ...
Raul Castro's time in office has seen dramatic changes in Americans' ability to travel to Cuba, with a dramatic opening under U.S. President Barack Obama, then a partial reduction under President Donald Trump. Before former President Barack Obama launched detente with Cuba in December 2014, ...
UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - Syrian U.N. Ambassador Bashar Ja'afari said a United Nations security team traveled to the Syrian town of Douma on Tuesday ahead of a planned visit by international chemical weapons experts on Wednesday to look into a suspected toxic gas attack. "Today the U.N. ...
Rachel Maddow shares breaking news from the New York Times that Defense Secretary Jim Mattis wanted Donald Trump to get congressional approval before military strikes on Syria but was overruled by Trump. Watch TV shows, movies and more on Yahoo View. About The Rachel Maddow Show.
AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - It is not clear when an Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons fact-finding mission will be able to travel safely to Douma, Syria, the British ambassador to the body said on Wednesday. Ambassador Peter Wilson told reporters that OPCW Director-General Ahmet ...
Some remember Niagara Falls in terms of life before and after the bulldozers. My friends Walter Bulka and Pastor Jones agree that things are looking up. Both say it's a good thing Niagara Falls' economy is changing from the heavy electrochemical base to tourism, because the uncontrolled pollution was ...
An AP team visited the site on a Syrian government-organized tour Monday, including a two-room underground shelter where one resident said 47 people were killed, including his pregnant wife and two young daughters. A strange smell lingered, nine days after the attack. The floors of the shelter were ...
Among the listed speakers at the conference were Syrian Minister for National Reconciliation Ali Haidar, Syrian Tourism Minister Bishr Riyad Yaziji, and Iran's ambassador to the U.K., Hamid Baeidinejad. A letter signed by a series of outspoken anti-Assad activists described the conference as a ...
Q: Poor Syria! Superb cuisine. Great potential for tourism. Clever people — but divided into ethnic, religious, and tribal groups distrustful of each other, like Iraq. Much of what was built by a dictator has been destroyed. Who will pay for reconstruction? Will we cough up the funds or will the Saudis or other ...
Shiha went on saying that Russia can help Syria's economic recovery through its heavy industry. "There are many opportunities in Russia to help Syria restore everything that has been destroyed and Russia has extensive experience in these areas, economic, or tourism, or reconstruction of houses.
Shiha went on saying that Russia can help Syria's economic recovery through its heavy industry. “There are many opportunities in Russia to help Syria restore everything that has been destroyed and Russia has extensive experience in these areas, economic, or tourism, or reconstruction of houses.
"There are many opportunities in Russian Federation to help Syria restore everything that has been destroyed and Russian Federation has extensive experience in these areas, economic, or tourism, or reconstruction of houses". Moscow's hopes for better ties with Washington under Mr Trump have ...
"There are many opportunities in Russian Federation to help Syria restore everything that has been destroyed and Russian Federation has extensive experience in these areas, economic, or tourism, or reconstruction of houses". "It's so obvious, that the military officials can't but understand it, and they ...
Syria's beautiful heritage sites are a testimony to the different cultures and civilizations that went before us. They include some of the world's oldest and most prestigious sites, which were built and preserved by people and empires over centuries. They are also a testimony to who we, as Syrians, are ...
Serious clashes broke out on Sunday night on the Greek island of Lesbos between forced migrants and locals who fear that the migrants' continued presence could harm their businesses in the approaching tourist season. Pope Francis visited the mostly Syrian migrants in two camps in Lesbos in April ...
He's fighting back against plans to drill for energy off of our coasts, which could cripple New Jersey's tourism industry and threaten thousands of jobs. He's holding people like Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt accountable for spending our tax dollars on luxury travel and junk like ...
BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The United Nations special envoy for Syria, Staffan de Mistura, stressed on Tuesday the latest territorial gains in the war by ... Korea, says a South Korean think-tank, the Korea Maritime Institute, which estimates that tourism generates revenue of about $44 million each year for the ...