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Erdoğan to visit Sudan, Chad, Tunisia, hold business forums
Erdogan arrives in Chad to boost bilateral ties
Erdoğan arrives in Tunisia on last leg of Africa tour
Chad sacks filmmaker from culture minister post
US could lift travel ban on 'important partner' Chad: Tillerson
Chad, a counterterror ally, still smarting over travel ban
US may lift travel ban on 'important partner' Chad, Tillerson says
US President Donald Trump has lifted travel restrictions on Chad, saying the Central African country had "improved its identity-management and information sharing practices". Trump signed a proclamation on Tuesday, removing Chad from the controversial travel ban list, according to White House ...
As the situation on the ground continues to improve, tourism will play an increasingly important role in Zakouma's recovery. “Chad” and “tourism” are ...
African destinations unknown or neglected, such as Chad, Botswana or Mauritania, came into force at the Tourism show in Paris, courting the French ...
The president of the Republic of Chad, Idriss Deby, will meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday as part of an official visit to Israel.
The Republic of Chad President Idriss Deby said during his historic visit to Israel that "the cutting of diplomatic ties in the 1970s did not prevent good ...