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Update on the War in Ukraine
EBRD Provides Loan for Biogas Plant in Ukraine
Ukraine to speed up attraction of investment in renewable energy with IRENA
Pentagon strategy drops climate change as a security threat
Climate in Ukraine changes faster than in other countries: UN FAO
Scientists said the rapid climate change in Ukraine
The scientists said global warming has hit the climate of Ukraine
Experts told how much is enough Ukrainian black soil
Klimkin says French FM to visit Ukraine on March 23
Table Salt May Offer Geo-Engineering Option for Climate Change
Insect Decimation Upstages Global Warming
Robot Boom Seen Down on Farm in Bid to Cope With Climate Change
Expert: 70% of EBRD funds provided to Ukraine directed to energy efficiency projects
Cold countries are likely to benefit from this: for example, in Ukraine in recent years significantly increased the yield of wheat and the U.S. state North Dakota lasted a good season. In Maine, the most Northern in the Eastern United States — the lobster catch reached record levels. Grown in the UK now of ...
Emiratis no longer require pre-entry visa to visit Ukraine
Is Every Photograph From Chernobyl a Lie?
Kremlin Subsidies Keeping Crimea Afloat
December 28, 2017
Tourism at all-time high in 2017
Japan liberalizes visa regime for Ukraine from Jan 1
The tourist hotspots that are at high risk of terror attacks
Japan simplifies visa requirements for Ukrainians
Association: New types of tourism develop in Azerbaijan
Ukraine threatens to 'give a hard time' to Western companies in Crimea
Belarus, Ukraine plan to develop cross-border routes for visa-free tourists
Ukraine- More than two million tourists visited Ivano-Frankivsk region last year
XII International Veselo Humour and Music Festival kicks off in Gabala
26 Most Visited Countries with the Highest Tourist Arrivals in the World
'Tourism crucial for public relations'
Antalya hosts record number of Russian tourists with 3.8M visitors
Kvartal-95 humor group holds concert in Gabala
Vandals paint over plaques on walls of Russian church in northern Ukraine
Host of international stars to perform at Marina Mall Abu Dhabi Kyiv recognized one of world's cheapest cities for tourists
Governor falls victim to prank phone call from comedians posing as Ukraine PM
About 40% of patients leaving abroad treat cancer diseases
18 Things Ukraine Must Do To Be Successful in 2018
January 15, 2018
Ukraine's fiscal service to inspect 5500 taxpayers in 2018
Ukraine, Uzbekistan set to resume direct flights
Economy ministry proposes introducing declarative principle for tourism market regulation
PM Groysman: Ukraine, Georgia ready to jointly master new markets
Chinese, Russians shore up Middle East tourism
Middle East tourism slump boosted by Russian and Chinese visitors
Chinese, Russians shore up Middle East tourism
Chinese, Russians shore up Middle East tourism
Kyiv intends to resume membership in World Tourism Organization
Thousands of runners from 15 countries to join Lombok Marathon
Russia Travel and Tourism Market Future Outlook : Investment Trends, Growth and Future Industry ...
What attracts tourists in Kiev: infographics
Ukraine to repair, build 10000 kilometers of roads within five years
Influx of tourism in Egypt
Winter tourism on the rise in Egypt
Number of tourists in Lviv region grows by some 50 percent in 2017
Ukraine signs visa-free deal with Antigua and Barbuda
Sri Lanka tourist arrivals up by 12.6 percent in January 2018
Sri Lanka sees strong growth in tourist arrivals in January
Quality hotel market in Kiev continues to rebound, says JLL
Ukrainian capital sees sharp rise in foreign tourists
All change on Ukraine border
Ambassador Mikola Baltaji: Today Bulgaria and Ukraine are united by common goals and values ...
Ukraine's UNESCO churches: Traditional Carpathian wooden churches are topic of lecture
Chinese visitors to Ukraine up 50 percent in 2017
Naftogaz pays UAH 6.6 bln in taxes
In search of surrogates, foreign couples descend on Ukraine
In search of surrogates, foreign couples descend on Ukraine - BBC
In search of surrogates, foreign couples descend on Ukraine
Interview: Spring Festival deepens cultural ties, boosts tourism: Ukrainian deputy mayor
Croatia, Lithuania extend contracts with VFS Global
IDPs Business: Family from Donetsk establishes own farm
Tourism industry bets big on expansion in outbound travel
PATTERSON: Trip to Ukraine was inspiring
Lure of Polish Riches Leaves Ukraine Bereft of Workers
Kyiv to attract tourists from India and China
Ukrainian International Airlines drastically reduces ticket prices for Armenian passengers
Ukraine's Odessa region to develop green tourism
Leopoli aims to boost tourism - Tuesday, February 20
Ukraine to develop tourism in Chernobyl zone
CEO Watch: Radisson head says Ukraine should make it easier for business, tourism
Iryna Ozymok: Undercover mayors in Ukraine learn truth of their cities
Ukraine to launch four weekly flights to Egypt in April
4 Years After the Revolution, Ukraine Still Battles Corruption and Russian Aggression
Skyrocketing growth of tourism visits from US, Russia and Iran to Armenia
Ukrainian PM visits Riga to discuss economic, investment cooperation with Latvia
The government is preparing to establish total surveillance over the Ukrainians on the Internet
Turkey, Egypt, Ukraine, Bulgaria among most popular holiday destinations for Belarusians in 2017
Minsk welcomes 98700 organized group tourists in 2017
Direct flights from Kiev to Cairo to resume in April
How Ukraine revamped its wine culture after losing Crimea vines
Ukraine revamps its wine culture after losing Crimea vines
Bringing Tourists Back: A look at initiatives and policies launched
Chinese Tourism to Russia Hits Record Numbers in 2017
Tourism Potential Index Market is Dominated by Countries likes Portugal, the UAE, Norway, South ...
Top reasons why tourists say they come to Ukraine
One tourist pitch? 'Come to Ukraine, it's never boring
Hotel business recovering, but more tourists will help
EU and Ukrainian local governments establish partnerships to support decentralisation reform
February tourist arrivals up 19% with China upsurge
EU, Ukraine launch five projects on decentralization of local government
EU, Ukrainian local governments establish partnerships to support decentralization reform
EU, Ukraine launch five projects on decentralization of local government
Sharp rise in tourist arrival from Europe
International tourist exhibition UITT 'Ukraine Travel and Tourism' will take place in Kyiv
International tourist arrivals to Ukraine up 7.4 percent in 2017
Milwaukee and Irpin, Ukraine to sign Sister City agreement
Milwaukee and Irpin, Ukraine to sign Sister City agreement
Putin says he will 'never' give Crimea back to Ukraine, Wednesday March 14
Belt and Road Initiative discussed during Europe-Ukraine Forum
Montenegro Seeks to Lure More Russian Tourists
Latvia issues Crimea reminder
Ukraine suspends cooperation program with Russia
From the front line: rebuilding shattered lives in eastern Ukraine
Ukraine appeals to UN leadership over Russia's illegal elections in Crimea
Ukraine reaches agreement on simplification of visa regime with Kuwait
Olga Diakova: Ukraine's reputation that does not exist
Armenia among top 10 countries of inbound tourism to Russia in 2017 - Tuesday, March 20
Ukrainian cabinet scraps economic cooperation program with Russia
Israel to develop desert regions into winter tourist destinations
Ryanair revives Ukraine flight plan
Ukraine is Europe's cheapest country to live in, third cheapest in world
Let it pour: New law could be 'revolutionary' move to stimulate domestic wine production in Ukraine
Ryanair to launch flights to Ukraine from October
Ryanair to launch flights to Ukraine from October
Ryanair confirms first ever flights to Ukraine will take off this year
Minsk to host international fair of tourism services 4-7 April
About 30 million Ukrainians travel around the country every year
Air Malta to fly to Ukraine from June - Friday, March 30
Air Malta connects Malta to Ukraine with scheduled services to Kiev starting in June
Record arrivals sends positive messages for tourism
Declaration: Poroshenko spends almost Hr 2.736 million on tourism services in 2017
Ukraine prepares for Saakashvili's return
Ukrainians have begun to reserve a holiday package
Did American tourism to Russia increase in 2017?
Did American tourism to Russia increase in 2017?
Ukraine starts issuing electronic visas for foreigners Ukraine starts issuing electronic visas for foreigners
Growing interest of foreign tourists in Belarus noted
Turkey, Ukraine boost flights, add new destinations
Kiev presents potential to attract more Chinese tourists
Ukraine launches Electronic Visa System
Regional leaders declare wealth and property matching that of nation's senior officials
Egypt receives first Ukraine International Airlines flight after two-year suspension
Air Malta to start services to Kiev
Made in Belarus expo opens in Ukraine's Kiev
Belarus, Ukraine set to reach $5.5-6bn in trade in 2018
Belarus, Ukraine mull joint truck crane production
Insurers Changing the Game in Medical Tourism
BelAZ to ramp up exports to Ukraine by 16%
Gomselmash to boost exports to Ukraine by 50%
Did American Tourists Visiting Russia Increase in 2017?
From Kiev train will run, cruising through three capital
Kris Beckers, Honorary Consul of Ukraine in Belgian province of Limburg
UA|TV channel website launches Arabic version
Ukraine would like to see more Belarusian goods on its market
Small travel bring great memories. In 2018, the Ukrainians will still be “celebrating” may 1, and four days. This is because the government Monday, April 30, “moved” on Saturday, may 5. Thus was formed a long weekend that would be a shame to miss viviva who knows what in the jungles. To escape ...
"Such sites as Chernobyl exclusion zone, Pyrohove [museum of folk culture], Mezhyhirya Museum of Corruption [former residence of fugitive president Yanulovych] are very popular among tourists. Chernobyl zone is the leader. Over the past year, more than 60,000 tourists visited the Chernobyl zone," ...
Anton Taranenko, the chief of the Tourism and Promotion Department of the Kyiv City State Administration, said this at a press conference, an Ukrinform correspondent reports. "Such sites as Chernobyl exclusion zone, Pyrohove [museum of folk culture], Mezhyhirya Museum of Corruption [former ...
Deputy Economic Development and Trade Minister Mykhailo Titarchuk said this in an interview with Ukrinform. According to him, the Ukrainian budget received UAH 39.6 billion in revenues from tourism and related industries (services, food, and transport) in 2017, and investments into the tourism sector ...
“This step will help facilitate the exchange of visits between official delegations and will ease the burden of travel for Iraqi students studying in Ukrainian institutes and universities. It will kickstart the tourism industry, as well as attract businessmen and investors, and under the direction of the Iraqi ...
In the European region most dependent on tourism, Malta (14.2% of GDP), Montenegro (11%) and Croatia (10.9 per cent). The TOP 10 countries least dependent relaxation, included, among others, Congo, Papua New Guinea, Uzbekistan, and Moldova. Ukraine took 13th place in this ranking with an ...
87,000 tourists arrived in Egypt from Ukraine by February this year, up 28 percent from the same period last year. Tourism portal FVW had previously announced that Egypt is one of a few top Eastern Mediterranean destinations for the upcoming summer season among German tour operators. Egypt has ...
The two sides exchanged information on prospects for bilateral economic cooperation, especially in areas such as industry, entrepreneurship and crafts, energy, transport, labour, agriculture, education, science and technology, youth and sport, tourism, metrology, cooperation between the two chambers ...
Delegates will have the opportunity to build international partnerships and increase global reach while gaining access to the latest trends and insights in European health tourism. "This event is bringing leading experts from Europe to connect and collaborate with buyers to build more sustainable ...
Reportedly, Atlasglobal is betting on charter flights with tourists from Russia, Kazakhstan, Germany, and Iran. Aviation experts, however, reckon that a Ukrainian subsidiary of Atlasglobal made poor decisions and, as a result, lost out to its competitors. Oleksandr Laneckij, the director of the Friendly Avia ...
The TOP 10 countries least dependent relaxation, included, among others, Congo, Papua New Guinea, Uzbekistan, and Moldova. Ukraine took 13th place in this ranking with an index of the contribution of tourism to GDP in 2017 1.54%. Note that in Ukraine began to arrive more and more foreign tourists ...
A new tourism season opened in the Augustow Canal on 15 April. The Nemanskaya Vesna water tourism festival welcomed about 300 athletes from Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. The event was organized by the Sports and Toruism Ministry, the National Tourism and Sports Union, and the Grodno sports ...
Dziennik Gazeta Prawna published an article on the Ukrainians in Poland, but this time we are not talking about the labour market and on tourism. The local authorities of Poland see Ukrainians not only cheap labor, but also the customers of the tourism sector. In 2017 in Poland came to 1.5 million ...
KIEV, Ukraine (AP) — Ukraine has backed down on a sports boycott of neighboring Russia, a month after banning its athletes from competing there. The Ukrainian government announced the boycott last month, citing Russian involvement in the conflict in eastern Ukraine and its record of doping in ...
They are now banned from entering Montenegro and their property or personal accounts, if found in the country, will be seized. Oleksandr Yanukovych came into the spotlight in Montenegro in January 2017 after Serbian media reported that he wished to invest "millions of euros" in tourism in Montenegro ...
Ukraine is on the list of the countries whose citizens can enter and stay in the territory of China's Hainan without visas for up to 30 days,” the report said. The simplified procedure for entering the province will come into effect on May 1, 2018, and will apply to tourist trips, both for group tours and for ...
China plans to establish a free port system in its Hainan province, turn the island into a tourism hub and open direct flights between the province and ... of Hainan Province said this during a meeting with a delegation of Ukrainian journalists, Ukrinform's correspondent reported from Haikou, the capital of ...
... one of Ukraine's best friends in Congress, has women and farming … 136 Ukraine ranks as world's 29th military power 104 Honest History: Ukrainians today still struggle with memory of Holocaust 82. China plans to establish a free port system in its Hainan province, turn the island into a tourism hub ...